Dr. PhD & 24th Degree Khemetian Arch Priestess, Channel for Hathor 9 fold 1, Founder of House of Life and Creator of Ancient Powers.

A gifted Healer, Psychic, Sorcerer and Shaman. A soul transforming Activator resonate, Healer, Teacher and Speaker. Born remembering the Ancient World. 

Daughter of RA (Rahotepet), High Priestess of the Temple of the Devine Mother, Certified Shaman, Channel,  Master Toner, Reiki Master, Certified Energetic Healer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Crystal Master, Tarot Reader & Psychic Astrologer, Sweat Lodge Leader  as well as a multi-media artist and Master Drum-maker & Clair all. GoldenHawk is also a Toltec Sorcerer.


Are you trapped in repeating Cycles?

Stagnant Relationships?

Confines of Career?

Looking for a new Life?

House of Life

Professional Services
through Private Consultations,

classes, seminars & workshops
​that place the power of tools to change
in your own hands, heart & mind.


why THE house of life?

Glenn is a natural born Visionary, Psychonaut and Sorcerer, known for his light hearted ways. Born and raised between 'The Vale of the White Horse' and Dr John Dees Home in Mortlake, England he has devoted more than three Decades of his life towards the study and practices of Esoteric Subjects. He has honed his skills in Glastonbury and visited many of Britains Ancient Sites including Stonehenge and Avebury. Glenn has also visited France, Germany, Malta, Spain, Holland and Belgium before venturing across The Atlantic.

Teaching Esoteric Wisdom in Europe and the USA, he has also taken retreats in several Mountain Ranges and Practiced Tai Chi Chuan for Years before undertaking the Ancient Powers Activations in 2007. Glenn is known for his studies of Chaos Magick and involvement in Media Productions, working alongside Musicians, Artists, Magicians and others who support free thinking and Creative Arts.

In 2018 he was invited by GoldenHawk to stand as High Priest taking on a full time position alongside the Founder and assisting in the Expansion of Ancient Powers.


Our testimonials speak for themselves, why not hit the link and take a look !


This yet in work....
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    I will choose Free Will

    House of Life works alongside Medical Professionals, Scientists, Aerospace Professionals, Musicians, 
    Business Executives & Spiritual Seekers Worldwide, experiencing continuing success with those dedicated to
    undertaking serious Transformations within their own lives.

    GoldenHawk has a 26 year history of working with Native Elders, Spiritual Teachers and Families in Crisis.

    No one gets left behind.