When I met GoldenHawk 4 years ago it became very clear to me that my path had been led to a great Healing Facilitator.

I have taken her classes and received activations that have made such a difference in my life.  I was instantly aware that I had to get my Mother to her to speak to my brother who passed over 22 years ago. This experience was healing on so many levels.   I have studied with GoldenHawk over these past years and have grown beyond my hopes and dreams. Healing work with GoldenHawk has been a great pleasure. I have received much comfort of mind and body since working with her.  

From my personal experience; let me say, if you find yourself led to GoldenHawk, you had better LISTEN and be open because she will be delivering that which you are meant to hear and experience. 
Mary Lea McSorley 



Golden One, Her touch felt like a golden ray of sunshine that nurtures and heals. The vibration of her voice when she tones penetrated deep within my tissues and dissolved blocks and barriers. Her knowledge and use of crystals and gemstones brought pure joy to my heart and a smile to my face. She is truly a keeper of sacred technologies and is now bringing them to light for others to enjoy and be enlightened. I found her psychic insights into my situation to be accurate and precise. After the healing and reading I felt refreshed and alive, like I had been reborn. Golden hawk is as multifaceted as a diamond with her talents and polished just as clear. She sparkles with flashes of light as bright as the sun. I would recommend her services to anyone. She does not disappoint; she uplifts and brings the gift of health.

George Phelps, Tacoma, WA

(Serious George)" 

All of the humans in the room grew in light & awareness from your presence. 
Namaste GH. I have tremedous admiration for the love and healing light within you! 
Warmest Regards,    

Tracy M. McCormick 
Be The Light 

​To Whom it May Concern; 
GoldenHawk Sirius has had major impacts on my life.  She is extraordinarily skilled as a teacher, a psychic, a healer, and a counselor.  My husband and I were in a motorcycle accident several years ago.  The doctors were dumbfounded by the speed with which his bones healed!  Thanks GoldenHawk! 
Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to acquire my phone number from GoldenHawk.. 
Thank you for your time. 
Blessings & Peace, 
Jaynie L Rodriguez 

I am grateful to have worked with GoldenHawk since 2007.

She charted me astrologically and did psychic readings for me. She would have saved me from a car accident in the I-5 in Portland if I was paying attention. 
I continue to find her work to be right on target... accurate to the point of chills is my spine!  

It was an honor to have you on the radio show I co-host

"Between The Sheets" on hottalkla.com 

I found GoldenHawk to be a compassionate gifted teacher and healer.  I enjoyed her classes which were interesting, informative and fun.  They promoted both spiritual and emotional growth.  With GoldenHawks help and her teachings I was able to overcome some personal issues and will be forever grateful for this.  I have come to value her wisdom, her love and her guidance as a  mentor and a friend.   

Patricia Lieske   

I took activations from House Of life a Decade Ago and found they continued to advance, unassisted by GoldenHawk or Myself.

Spanning Ten Years my spheres of Influence became far more Artistic, Academical and reached a proficient level of professional Competence in both Esoteric & Metaphysical Subjects. What were once mysteries to my thinking soon began to reveal Complexities amongst the Nature Of Divine Structures making my work easier to understand.

​In 2015 I founded The Art Ov Chaos based upon a collective of Activations which seemed to be revealing a Natural pattern of Manifestation and Self Expression.

Having recently returned to the USA I am now working Intensively with GoldenHawk to assist others in their life changes.

Glenn Steel

Founder. The Art Ov Chaos UK



"Goldenhawk Sirius is one of the few truly bright lights among us. She is a very old soul, a crystal master with a very high vibratory rate and as a daughter of RA,

is multi-dimensionally interconnected.  Able to weave and interpret information from many sources including angels, ascended masters, Gods and Goddesses, and the Galactic Center, she is able to create an interdimensional reading, channeling and/or healing experience for each Client.  She does remarkable soul retrievals, re-integrations, journeys to heal past life issues, and is an adept at toning DNA activations.  She is excellent at "seeing", disconnecting and removing detrimental "hooks" and negative attachments while encouraging each client to step into and walk in their own power. She truly hears the questions (even if they are not the spoken ones) and deals with the client's issues effectively.  She has studied with  many excellent teachers, read prolifically, and thoroughly researched her mystic arts, applying their use effortlessly and effectively in all areas of her life.  I highly recommend Goldenhawk's services to anyone who is truly seeking guidance and assistance in their own journeys through this life. In Love and Light, 
Terrill Remmen, March 30, 2007

To whom it may concern, 
In January 2012, my twelve year old son contracted a rare and serious virus. He burned 104 fever for nearly a full week. His doctor scheduled a hospital visit for him to have x-rays and an iv drip for the following Wed. should he still have the fever. I did not want my son to have to experience that and I knew that I had to do something. Tuesday at two in the afternoon, I contacted Goldenhawk with his symptoms and explained that his fever must be gone before the following morning to avoid the hospital treatment. She listened to me very carefully and told me that she would immediately start working on him. After that phone call, I laid down with my son who was sleeping at the time. At five in the evening he woke and asked me if I would slice him an apple. I thought that he was talking in his sleep and halucinating as he had been for days. I quickly realized that he actually was asking me to eat. After he ate the apple, I took his temperature, it had gone down to 102. By nine oclock that evening his temperature was normal. We avoided a very unpleasant hospital visit.  

Two years ago, I attended a summer gathering, Goldenhawk was a guest. One of the guests was stung several times by bees and experienced an allergic reaction. Goldenhawk immediately started healing. Within minutes the swelling had started to subside.  

Tina Plotcher

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone you can trust. GoldenHawk & Ancient Powers Live was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!" 


Goldenhawk is 'the real McCoy.
She is the one who ignites the flames of those who seek to activate their Divine Sovereignty, facillitating each one's own unique path to empowerment. 

I am ever grateful for the gift that is Goldenhawk, who arrived in time to awaken me to my own personal power at a vexing time in my life, and conveyed the tools and activations that qualified me to rise to the challenges of my own path and personal growth. She is truly a beautiful mind (with a generous heart.) Dana M

I have known and have been taught by Angelia since1994. I have the highest respect and honor for her. In her classes at Psyches she taught me to open up myself and to trust my instincts, to understand all that I know and has always been there for me if needed. I also enjoyed working with her in many aspects with others and feel she lead me to help others. Angelia will always be my mentor, teacher reader, and great friend. I owe her so much for showing me who I am and how to farther myself in life. 
Charles Richard Krout Jr.  

                                                                  GOLDENHAWK                                                THE ACTIVATIONS                                                   HOUSE OF LIFE

I have known GoldenHawk Sirius for over 15 years. She is very skilled in her abilities and has always had satisfaction from your clients.

I have also had the pleasure of working with her at a few shows and heard nothing but high compliments from people. I would recommend her for any new age / metaphysical position. If you have any questions or need any more information please don't hesitate to contact me.  
Leean Lester    

"The Palmistry Lady"                      

"On GoldenHawk Sirius: I first met GoldenHawk back in 2005 when she was invited to the “School of One” in Seattle, WA

 I was employed as an Office Manager. We were informed that she was a “High Priestess, Shaman-Healer” from Tacoma and would be available for one hour Sessions if anyone was interested. I set up an appointment with her for the following day and wasn’t sure what I was going to say or have her do. I decided to just “play it by ear” and be open to whatever transpired.  I arrived to work the next day with anticipation and it worked out that I was GoldenHawk’s first scheduled appointment that morning. I walked into the private room where she was setting up her “tools” which consisted of a variety of crystals, wands and other semi-precious stones as she prepared herself for my session. Candles were lit and fragrant incense was burning as I settled myself down on a large cushion in front of her. Her presence was familiar and comforting as she commented that she had been “guided” to bring her “big guns” that morning, as she was to be confronted with a “psychic battle” and did I understand what that meant? As it turned out, I was quite surprised yet relieved because she had “hit the nail on the head”! That first session with her was the beginning of much needed TRANSFORMATION in my life!     Since then, I have been through many Healings and Counseling sessions with GoldenHawk as well as have attended many Healing and Drumming Circles. She lead and performed a major removal of a “negative attachment” that involved my family genetics, spanning seven generations from my past to this present incarnation, to seven future generations. This involved the gathering together of a Circle of five other Metaphysicians in varying degrees of skills and knowledge to assist in the removal under GoldenHawk’s guidance. Along with this Circle of Energy Work, GoldenHawk used Tuning Forks, Laying on of Stones, Toning, Chakra Balancing and Drumming throughout the 2 hour long procedure. My life has changed dramatically since that was performed on me back on July 5th, 2006, for which I am truly grateful to her and the others who took part in it.  I have taken her Ancient Powers Class One & Two and have been Initiated into Higher Frequency Levels through her compassionate expertise and guidance. I have also experienced many personal conversations with Higher Spiritual Beings who have used GoldenHawk as a Channel. My two younger sisters and niece have also experienced GoldenHawk’s Healing Sessions and have commented that “she is the real thing” to which I am fully in agreement I have also received “Long Distance Healing” through her on several occasions as she always knows when I am “going through some kind of crisis” without me saying anything! In my opinion, she is a truly Gifted and Powerful High Priestess - Daughter of RA, Healer and Shaman and I highly recommend GoldenHawk to anyone who is in need of healing, counseling, spiritual or otherwise to contact her. In Love and Light," ​ Khata Martinez - Applegate, OR