Aquarius: the Age  of Sovereignity

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The initiations,  journeys, activations, the tools & the training are available. 

Coming  2017


Commonly Known as the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead',
​ actually the 'Book of Coming Forth by Day', with instructions, 

House of Life

Unvieling Ancient Egypts Temple Systems. The Mysteries, Disciplines, Healings and More

Sunrise, January 9th, 2015, Red River Maryland. Original Photo by Joshua Thomas

Carl Yung

"If our religion is based on salvation,
our chief emotions will be fear and
trembling. If our religion is based
on wonder, our chief emotion
​ will be gratitude."

​"Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people."

Masaru Emoto
"The human being holds a universe within,
filled with overlapping frequencies, and the 
​result is a symphony of cosmic proportions."

It is Time for the 'Coming Forth by Day'
The Cobra of RA is Risen and the Gate is open

Belief is NOT what you think,
​Belief is what you Expeireince....

House of Life

 Nikola Tesla   
​"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in
one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."    

"The human being is a self-propelled
automaton entirely under the control
of external influences. Willful and
predetermined though they appear,
his actions are governed not from within,
but from without. He is like a float
tossed about by the waves
of a turbulent sea."   ​

Many of those born at what has been called ‘The End of Time’ (the turning of the age of Pisces, the end of the 5th age of the Mayan calendar
and the Kali Yuga), were born with an indwelling awareness that they had come ‘to Bridge’, to connect the ages through knowing.

As the years turned and we moved through the cusp of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, more of what we were born knowing came
into our conscious minds, dwelt in our hearts. This information also began to flow into the media and slowly become available to the general public. In ancient times, this information and the teachings, came out of Egypt, stored in the Great Library of Alexandria, buried under
Temples and in tombs. All of the greatest known Philosophers and ‘Masters’ received their teachings and disciplines in the land that is
currently known as Egypt, or apprenticed under those who did. Egypt is the birthplace of Western and Eastern Mysteries. It is the Center.

 Unfortunately very little was left, even in stone, after the destruction of the library in Alexandria, the desecration of the Temples, and
the wholesale murder of the Masters and Teachers. Earth was plunged into darkness. Those who survived went into hiding, and have kept
the secrets. Please do not confuse the Arab conquerors’ structure and beliefs as that of Egypt, the ancient land of Khem, of Goshen.
Isis weeps as her twin, now; at the use of the Name of the Mother of Illumination, ISIS as the title for her enemies, the Hittites’, organized
​now like a crime syndicate of Islam, perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity, Terrorism and Scorched Earth.

 Only those with access into the Akashic Records through the open and activated KA, can bring forward further knowledge. Many have an open heart and indwelling courage, and the knowledge of their responsibilities. Sons of the Sun, Daughters of the Sun, here we make available to you the ancient Neteru, the natures the functions of ‘God’ by name, which must become indwelling. The challenge? To Know Thyself.

Albert Einstein  
 "It followed from the special theory of

relativity that mass and energy are both

but different manifestations of the same

thing — a somewhat unfamiliar

conception for the average mind." 

 Bruce Lipton

"Through consciousness, our minds have
the power to change our planet and
ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom
of the ancient indigenous people and
channel our consciousness and spirit to
tend the ​garden and not destroy it."

The sign of Aquarius is an Air Sign, NOT WATER. It is the sign of the WAVE BEARER what was historically known as 'The Watery Abyss' has opened its power, the Ogdoad , the NUN, the ABYSS OF PARTICLES & WAVES it is once again reachable.​ Modern Archaeologists, Historians, Scientists (Edwardian & Victorian) could not begin to interpret, understand or even study the Religion, Medicine or actually any of the structures in what is currently called Ancient Egypt until the discovery of not only Quantum Physics but also String Theory and the functions of proteins in RNA and DNA in human cellular function. What has been given the title of ‘EGYPTOLOGY’ merely a structure to secure ‘THE CHURCH’, and the teachings of what is considered currently as  civilization. Ancient Egypt and its 'Religion' was Metaphysic and Shamanic, the roots of that which is practiced GLOBALLY. Definition of shamanism: a religion practiced by indigenous peoples of far northern Europe and Siberia that is characterized by belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits responsive only to the shamans; also : any similar religion. (Websters) In Ancient Egypt (Kingdom Times, not Dynastic)  it was Pharaoh, the Priesthood and all those in Governance of the Provinces who held these responsibilities. They were trained through the House of Life. Different Temples and degrees were essential for each office. Pharaoh and the High Priests and Priestesses alone endured the full Sed. Pharaoh was taken through the Sed  Ceremonies a land wide public  Festival and Celebration of hidden Activations, Journeys and Coronas, endured for the land and the peoples.
In this time of opportunity for education, a time when we are not slain by The Church  as Heretics in our search for truth (whichever church it was depending on the time and place) and our global connectivity even these Hidden Ancient Teachings, Disciplines and Ceremonies are available for those who truly seek. For those who have Eyes to See, those with Ears to Hear.

​​With the Foundations from the AGE of LEO,
​when Kingship passed from GODS to MEN.

There has been a sign ​in the Heavens, the dawn of a new Aeon. 
The Cobra is risen, that You may 'Come Forth by Day'.