Beth, Overcast Production

‘Self Created’ , ‘Lord of Jubilees ‘, ‘The Ascending One’ “I am the Bennu Bird, the Heart-Soul of RA, the Guide of the Gods through the underworld." Egyptian book of the Dead
To ‘Become the Phoenix’ is to ‘Rise Brilliantly’ to ‘Shine’. Legend is that the Phoenix burst forth from the heart of Osiris during His Resurrection. RA is re-born through the seeding of Light into Auset (Isis), creating the Horus line of God-Kings, attaining Immortality through awakening, and burning to ashes the old and painful, as it rises into new life. Its cry is the most beautiful song, giving the Sun pause, as its voice rises through the Heavens. It is said to always return to Egypt to rest upon The Ben Ben Stone in The Temple of the Phoenix, which is considered one of the most sacred places on Earth until The Stone was stolen, and the temple defiled. It is a universal symbol of free will, healing & ascension, bridging time & cultures.        GoldenHawk

The Packaging

Tom, ​Handleys Rock & Jewelry

Clear Quartz Crystal  
Master Amplifier  
Programmable, it absorbs, amplifies, clears, directs, focuses, organizes, releases, regulates, retains, stores and transmits energy. Used to clear negative energy. Balances, harmonizes & revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Connecting the physical dimension and ​the mind. Works through environments, cultures, other crystals & stones as well as people & spirits. Enhances psychic abilities, aids clarity, concentration, triggers recall. Stimulates the immune system & brings the body into balance. Harmonizes all the chakras, aligns subtle bodies. Amplifies bio-magnetic fields. Used to access Akashic Records, astral travel, channeling, dream recall & work, geomancy, manifestation & scrying. Has Healing Properties; is Versatile, multi-purpose & powerful. Used for any and all conditions. Stimulates immunity, re-patterning bio & psi energy to the most perfect state possible pre-disease state.

​Temple of the Stars
Said to bring success on all levels; Universal, Celestial and Terrestrial pattern origin. Carrying or wearing this stone is said to shield, balance, maintain and align auric, subtle & physical bodies. Provides understanding of personal destiny & divine contracts. Assisting in translation of intuition, dreams and insight into intellectual understanding. Perfect stone for protection and pendulum work as it shields and separates personal energy from other energy, including geomantic energy. Healing Properties Continuously detoxes bodies & aura, slowing the aging process. Used in ancient times to heal brain disorders, alleviate confusion & reduce anxiety. Regulates metabolism and aids digestion.

Rose Quartz



Phoenix Fyr

An Alchemichal Journey

The Ankh
Symbolizing Kephera, or the dawn, promise of Life Everlasting. The Loop over the crossbar is the Sun over the Horizon; the vertical section is the path of the Sun, or Ra. Symbol of Amenet Immortality She is the key To release one From demons, Shed every fear, walk out of darkness, she knows the name of all that is divine, she will give unto you that which is necessary, all which is needed when the heart & mind will be one.... (Ab-Ba)          GoldenHawk

Hat-Hor (Hathor) First Mother, born of the streaming Life Force of Atmu, (RA) I carry the seed of his Desire (life). I am all wisdom, the womb of the all father. My mourning, my grief, I am inconsolable for my brother (my twin) and I are two. My tears, the tears of the ‘Eye of Ra’ (oh Know me!) are falling, into creation, into separation of ‘The One’. My tears hold the salt of Khem, (chemistry) that from which gods will spring forth! That which will become man, who will know creation, experience the becoming (perennial issue of form appearing out of formlessness) of RA, the revelations of the eye Hat-Hor, the eye of RA. The salts of my tears, the chemistry of light & sound which will give manifest forms throughout time & space to return unto RA … One Light                 

Beginning with choosing the stones for the special order cuts and unusual sizes, (no problem for Mr. Handley), the process began at Handleys Rock and Jewelry. Next was the metal work, first choosing the metals, then carving and sculpting  the hand made waxes, to the final set and polish.  Beth at Overcast Studio worked directly from my design specifics and renderings to create the finest Originals, creating the hand made molds for reproduction, then the personally selected stones were cut to fit. Each piece personally inspected through the process.

The Amulet
Designed to work as a beautifully decorative “Medicine Bag“, created to hold crystal and gemstone combinations that resonate with one’s personal needs. From the Latin “amulētum," an amulet is an object that protects a person from trouble. An amulet is a power piece, usually worn or carried, that has power ascribed to it to protect its owner from danger or harm. Historically, highly effective amulets are made from gems, precious metals, especially those that have been sculpted or engraved, statues, drawings, pendants & rings, that are held sacred, and often blessed through prayer or a magical spell often for healing or to Protect one from evil.

The Final Alchemy: Combining Earths Mystic Minerals

While I created the Originals for the first lines, I also applied for copyrights, 38 design copyrights, 127 derivatives and 6 lines. I was awarded them all. An additional 5 lines will be applied for by spring of 2017. Gold will be the next metal added to this line. I have the vision of stone after stone becoming available making our Jewelry lines the most inter-changeable  in the world. Allowing each person to collect multiple pieces to fit personal needs, or to choose piece by piece and build an expression. So that those who work stone vibrations can use them for healing. My hopes are that these become heirlooms, like the treasures from the ancient past that they spring from, mystery, beauty and stories of life and love are passed with them.        GoldenHawk





Onyx  (White)  
​Physically Grounds Light

A strength-giving stone of grounding, perseverance and strength. Alleviates emotional and mental stress. Balancing body, mind and spirit. Strengthens attention, endurance, focus & manifesting intent. Brings greater self-confidence. Boosts self-control integration, intuition, and energy regeneration. Aids in releasing bad habits & negativity. Defends against negative energies including black magic. Brings good fortune & recognition of personal strength. Increases control of excess energy, generating a better balance on many levels. Strengthens bones, hair, nails, skin & teeth. Be aware power develops slowly with Onyx, getting stronger with contact & time, making it a very strong piece for personal power. ​Healing Properties: Treating skin ailments, healing infected wounds as well as fungal infections, inflammation and burns. Polarity balancing. Heal wounds, treating eye
​and ear problems, cellular regeneration.

Look for these Quartz Crystals, Stones & Metals 
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The Pouches

Beautiful satin custom designed 8 pocket pouch with 

embroidered Phoenix Fyr Logo created for the Menat, cuffs and collecting.  Protective tarnish resistant velvet suede microfiber drawstring pouches with printed Phoenix Fyr Cartouche logo for the collars, pendants and rings. 

in 2013, I went to Arizona to meet with one of my students in person, who is a senior marketing strategist.  She had set up classes for me with some groups down there, and wanted to review my portfolio, I did not  include my jewelry designs in this because my pieces were one of a kind, but I was wearing MY personal piece, an Egyptian Menat, that she fell in love with.  

After going through my portfolio, she realized my necklace was one of my designs, threw a piece of cloth on the counter, and starting taking pictures of it to send to a specific company's buyer, telling me that she was going to put my jewelry  “on the market”. I just laughed at her.  I flew home a little early due to an emergency situation, and left it at that. About 2 weeks later I get a phone call from Terri and she said a buyer is very interested in my design, and wanted to see the jewelry sets, with all the stone, cultural and spiritual information.  I again laughed, and said ‘I don’t have any SETS of jewelry right now’ she replied ‘well, pull out your stuff and throw something together, because they want it in 2 weeks.’  I went through my paintings,  pulled out designs for 4 complete sets.  I did the renderings and completed a PowerPoint presentation, with the other information and proposed packaging. The buyer  was impressed, and I was given a fulfillment list for that September.

By the end of May I had been in personal contact with the Buyer's Representative, and they had started making offers to me.  I was also given a new fulfillment list for the next meeting, in October, with the buyer in person. While doing the marketing/research reports and completing my copyrights, I called my family connections, some dating back with my Grandmother, to make the first jewelry prototype sets. This is how it went....

 A team of Masters, the perfect Metal smith & Stone Cutter

From Conception, through Inspiration towards Actualization...


'The Weaver', Womb of Light
Associated with Egyptian Goddess Nieth, re-discovered in the 1800's, used in ancient civilizations for magical & alchemical properties Wearing jewelry with Rhodium brings a complex and catalytic connection with web of light, focused on Ascension & Restoration. Invokes power to change in a balanced, cohesive & harmonized way on all levels. Connects with higher vibrations of consciousness. Involved in brain function e.g. cognition, IQ, emotional development, memory, thymus, adrenal, hypothalamus & pineal gland production. Sleep regulation, restoration & regeneration of  tissue & DNA used to improve deteriorating cell tissue, mental  attitude, hormonal  & emotional  tissue, & emotional balance, eliminate anxiety, anger, panic, nightmares &  delusions. Alleviates headaches,  twitching, irritability, weakness & high blood pressure.

 So I contacted Sherris' brother Tom at Handley’s Rock and Jewelry, and had
a talk with him.  Tom said he would
be more than happy to custom cut
my stones for the jewelry and make
a few phone calls. Within hours of our initial contact, he had called  Beth, owner of  Overcast Production, and arranged for me ​to meet with her.      


Red Bronze 

Layered Electrum


Rose Gold

& more
​Copper &


The Scrolls

Convenient parchment paper 

scrolls containing information a bit of Lore and Legend, about the Icons, Metals and stones. Secured with matching oval vinyl Phoenix Fyr  Hieroglyph sticker.

​Pouch and scroll free with purchase.

​​The Menat (Rosary)
Consisting of the shield piece center front, beads (single to multiple strands), and a secondary shield or counter-weight piece in the back, the Menat was gifted from Hathor as an earthly representation of her powers, and believed to actually create a direct channel for Hat-Hor (Hathor) herself to bestow her blessing; abundance, beauty, fertility, joy, love, peace, protection and personal power upon the wearer. The protection and powers of Hat-Hor (Hathor), being the eye of RA, are gifted through the counter-weight, a symbol or stone of RA. Out of antiquity it seems to appear full blown with the highest civilization: Egypt. Almost weightless due to its balance, protecting the entire body, and unified in feminine and masculine attributes, the beads hold all in continuity. Menats were made from many different materials. Those that have survived the ages tend to be from a combination of metals and stones, and were held sacred for their own properties & powers.

Phoenix Fyr Brand                                            

Copper   A ‘Fountain of Youth’
The metal of Auset (Isis), the Queen of Heaven, said to bestow her Divine Attributes on the wearer. Through the ages, claims have been made in the use of copper to stop and even reverse signs of aging. Nefertiti, Cleopatra & the Queen of Sheba were said to use copper based skin cream to retain & improve youth & beauty. A conductor and bridge for energy between individuals, bodies, space & other minerals. Enhances the properties of all stones & crystals. Draws out toxins, physical & spiritual. For 1000s of years it has been used to treat arthritis, parasites, gray hair, burns, bruising, pain & swelling in muscles & joints, viral and bacterial infections. Symptoms gradually decrease as elasticity, flexibility & synaptic response improve. Now known to be an essential micro-nutrient, needed for blood, protein metabolism, cell formation, production of RNA, enzyme activity, hair and skin color, and nerve health. Used as an active ingredient in expensive skin treatments.

The Metals


Choosing the paintings was simple...

The Pendulum
Documentation of man’s relationship with the Pendulum reaches through 8000 years of history, spanning the globe, and is held as a sacred tool of communication and connection with the Divine in many cultures. They have a vast range of uses, which were worked by Pharaohs, High Priests, Shamans, Chinese emperors and were implemented to predict the future, find minerals, map, diagnose, heal & much more. Even Moses used one to discover hidden water. A pendulum reacts and moves due to the energy in your body, as well as in its environment; and the fields that you are intentionally connecting it with. A White Onyx Pendulum is a great tool for drawing your crown light into the body and grounding it into the physical. It is also great for clearing, centering, and balancing all bodies, connecting to the higher self, gaining clarity and expanding intuition. A pendulum becomes more responsive & powerful when carried or worn on the body as jewelry.


Rainbow Sheen Obsidian
Super Lazuli

The Lines, Collections and Enhancers:

Divine Mother Collection
Phoenix Fyr Enhancers
Phoenix Wing Collection
Arch of the Covenant Collection
Phoenix Song Collection
Sacred Feminine Enhancers
Divine Love Enhancers
Mother and Child Collection 
Star of Wonder Collection


Metal of the Moon
Reflection, Psychic Influence & Inner Awareness.
Identified with the Eternal Mother Hat-Hor, said to bestow deep inner reflection, a natural connection to Divine Timing, and life cycles. Like a tidal sea of energy it attracts, absorbs, deflects, & dissolves. Being non-magnetic it stimulates release of that which no longer serves, often bringing awareness of deeply held blocks in all bodies, physical as well as energetic. Protective & healing to the psyche. When used in settings or stones, worn as jewelry, it amplifies the stones attributes, releases the energy into ones  aura & syncs one with Divine timing.

Coming Soon...

The Stones