Cloaked by the Stars, crowned by the Sun,

girded by the Earth and the moon lies under her feet...

Phoenix Fyr™ .925 Sterling Silver Collar over 1 Troy Ounce, 17.5" 
​w/Pouch & Scroll

Divine Mother Amulet Pendant

 9.0 grams .925 Silver
1.3 " x .78 " x .47 "

w/pouch & scroll

​ Divine Mother 30” Faceted Quartz Crystal Menat w/5” Chapet

.925 Chain, Icon Copper Core Rhodium Heart Clasp w/pouch & scroll

Phoenix Wing 14.75cts 
Faceted Clear Quartz Crystal 
Pendant Copper-Core Rhodium

Phoenix Wing Ring Faceted Clear Quartz Crystal 25x18x4.2mm
Copper-Core Rhodium Plate
Sizes 6  7  8  9  10
Pouch & Scroll

Phoenix Wing Filigree Cuff  
7.9cts 15x 3.2mm
Faceted Clear Quartz Crystal 
​Copper-Core Rhodium Plate 

 Length 86mmPouch & Scroll

Phoenix Fyr

“Up out of primeval matter. I came into being like the god Khepera. I germinated like the plants. I am concealed like the tortoise [in his shell]. I am the seed of every god. I am Yesterday of the Four [Quarters of the Earth, and] the Seven Uraei, who came into being in the Eastern land. [I am] the Great One (Horus) who illumineth the Hememet spirits with the light of his body. [I am] that god in respect of Set. [I am] Thoth who [stood] between them (Horus and Set) as the judge on behalf of the Governor of Sekhem and the Souls of Anu. [He was like] a stream between them. I have come. I rise up on my throne. I am endowed with Khu. I am mighty. I am endowed with godhood among the gods. I am Khensu, [the lord] of every kind of strength. He shall see the Disk [of the Sun], he shall be in good case upon earth before Ra and His word shall be truth in the sight of Osiris and no evil thing, what so ever, shall have dominion over him for ever  and  ever.”

       Book of Coming Forth by Day
​translated by A.E. Wallis Budge

Phoenix Wing Cuff Labradorite .925 Silver
15 x 3.2mm Cabochon
Length 86mm
​Pouch & Scroll

COPPER:  A ‘fountain of youth’, The metal of Auset (Isis), the Queen of Heaven, said to bestow her Divine Attributes on the wearer. Through the ages, claims have been made in the use of copper to stop and even reverse signs of aging. Nefertiti, Cleopatra & the Queen of Sheba were said to use copper based skin cream to retain & improve youth & beauty. A conductor and bridge for energy between individuals, bodies, space & other minerals. Enhances the properties of all stones & crystals. Draws out toxins, physical & spiritual. For 1000s of years it has been used to treat arthritis, parasites, gray hair, burns, bruising, pain & swelling in muscles & joints, viral and bacterial infections. Symptoms gradually decrease as elasticity, flexibility & synaptic response improve. Now known to be an essential micro-nutrient, needed for blood, protein metabolism, cell formation, production of RNA, enzyme activity, hair and skin color, and nerve health. Used as an active ingredient in expensive skin treatments. 

 Book of Coming Forth by Day

translated by A.E. Wallis Budge

CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL Master Amplifier. Programmable, it absorbs, amplifies, clears, directs, focuses, organizes, releases, regulates, retains, stores and transmits energy.  Used to clear negative energy. Balances, harmonizes & revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Connecting the physical dimension and the mind. Works through  environments, cultures, other crystals & stones as well as people & spirits. Enhances psychic abilities, aids clarity, concentration, triggers recall. It stimulates the immune system & brings the body into balance, Harmonizes all the Chakras,  aligns subtle bodies, Amplifies bio-magnetic fields. Used to access Akashic Records, astral travel, channeling, dream recall & work, geomancy, manifestation & scrying.

Phoenix Wing Collar
​Copper-Core Rhodium Plate w/ Pouch & Scroll

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‘Self Created’ , ‘Lord of Jubilees ‘,
​ ‘The Ascending One’
“I am the Bennu Bird, the Heart-Soul of RA, the Guide of the Gods through the underworld”         
Egyptian book of the Dead

To ‘Become the Phoenix’ is to ‘Rise Brilliantly’ to ‘Shine’. Legend is that the Phoenix burst forth from the heart of Osiris during His Resurrection. RA is re-born through the seeding of Light into Auset (Isis), creating the Horus line of God-Kings, attaining Immortality through awakening, and burning to ashes the old and painful, as it rises into new life. Its cry is the most beautiful song, giving the Sun pause, as its voice rises through the Heavens. It is said to always return to Egypt to rest upon The Ben Ben Stone in The Temple of the Phoenix, which is considered one of the most sacred places on Earth until The Stone was stolen, and the temple defiled. It is a universal symbol of free will, healing & ascension spanning thousands of years, that bridges time & cultures.

Copper core Rhodium

An ancient symbol, often carved in stone to last for eternity for over 5000 years. It is found in ancient Egypt, Sumer, Anatolia, Persia & even the Americas, or wherever advanced civilization was established.As a universal symbol associated with divinity, royalty, law, governance, & structured power; it represents the “true light" of ascension which humanity is to attain through revelation, awareness & responsibility. In Egypt, it was a symbol worn by Light Bearers (Royals and the Priestly class) in the name of RA & Horus which shall rise, with healing in its wings, to usher in the new Golden Age of Sovereignty when all will live in the light.             .“…the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings...”
(King James Bible, Malachi 4)

LABRADORITE   “Temple of the Stars”

Said to bring success on all levels, Universal, Celestial and Terrestrial pattern origin. Carrying or wearing this stone is said to shield, balance, maintain and align auric, subtle & physical bodies. Provides understanding of personal destiny and divine contracts. Assisting in translation of intuition, dreams and insight into intellectual understanding. Perfect stone for protection and pendulum work as it shields and separates personal energy from other energy, including geomantic energy.

 Healing Properties: Continuously detoxes bodies & aura, slowing the aging process. Used in ancient times to heal brain disorders, alleviate confusion & reduce anxiety. Regulates metabolism and aids digestion.


Her names are your names.
She is daughter, sister, mother, wife and partner, as well as she who walks alone. Many fold and as multi-faceted as the stars in the Heavens. Virgin or whore, pauper or Queen, she is the balance, the missing piece that brings wholeness into what has been a broken, chaotic, war torn and disposable world. Symbol of life, abundance, healing, loving protection, peace and personal-empowerment: the feminine face of God. Almost 45 years after beginning my journey, and with all of our new technology and communications, the Divine Feminine has made herself known again. Through the ancient arts of design, painting, metalsmithing and stone cutting, I am making her icons, legends, lore and symbolism readily available, constructed with high quality metals and natural semi-precious stones. Made as my offering for the goddess: You.

Phoenix Fyr™ .925 Sterling Silver. Labradorite 35ct. ‘Shield’ Pendant  42 x 24 x 6mm
​ ​w/ Pouch and Scroll

Phoenix Wing Cuff
​White Onyx  .925 Silver
15 x 3.2mm Cabochon
Length 86mm

 Pouch & Scroll

Phoenix wing collection

 .925 Sterling silver 


Divine Mother
​ 'Ankh of Amenet’ Pendant,
 .925 Sterling silver, 9.0 grams
2.5 " x 1.6 " w/ pouch & scroll

RHODIUM: Associated with Egyptian Goddess Nieth, “The Weaver, Womb of Light.” Used in ancient civilizations for magical and alchemical properties long before its re-discovery in the 1800's. Wearing jewelry with Rhodium brings a complex and catalytic connection with web of light, focused on Ascension & Restoration. Invokes power to change in a balanced, cohesive & harmonized way on all levels. Connects with higher vibrations of consciousness. Involved in brain function e.g. cognition, IQ, emotional development, memory, thymus, adrenal, hypothalamus & pineal gland production. Sleep regulation, restoration & regeneration of  tissue & DNA; used to improve deteriorating cell tissue, mental attitude, hormonal & emotional balance, eliminate anxiety, panic states, anger, nightmares &  delusions. Alleviates headaches, twitching, irritability, weakness & high blood pressure.  

The name comes from the Greek ‘Rhodon’ meaning ‘Rose’, directly associated with the Virgin Mary, Mary the Mother of God.

Phoenix Wing Ring White Onyx
25 x 18 x  4.2mm
.925 Silver
Sizes 6  7  8  9  10
Pouch & Scroll

Phoenix Fyr Enhancers

SILVER   “Reflection, Psychic Influence & Inner Awareness”
​Identified with the Eternal Mother Hat-Hor, said to bestow deep inner reflection, a natural connection to Divine Timing, and life cycles. Like a tidal sea of energy it attracts, absorbs, deflects, & dissolves. Being non-magnetic it stimulates release of that which no longer serves, often bringing awareness of deeply held blocks in all bodies, physical as well as energetic. Protective & healing to the psyche. When used in settings or stones, worn as jewelry, it amplifies the stones attributes, releases the energy into one’s aura & syncs one with Divine timing.

Phoenix Fyr™ .925 Sterling Silver  

30 ct.Teardrop White Onyx Pendulum Pendant
​49 x 10 x 2.5 mm w/ Pouch  Scroll

Phoenix Wing Ring Labradorite .925 Silver
25 x 18 x 4.2mm
.925 Silver Sizes 6  7  8  9  10
Pouch & Scroll

The Jewelry...

the divine Mother Collection

Phoenix Fyr

ONYX (White) “Physically Grounds Light”

A strength-giving stone of grounding, perseverance and strength. Alleviates emotional and mental stress. Balancing body, mind and spirit. Strengthens attention, endurance, focus & manifesting intent. 
Brings greater self-confidence. Boosts self-control integration, intuition, and energy regeneration. Aids in releasing bad habits & negativity. Defends against negative energies including black magic. Brings good fortune & recognition of personal strength. Increases control of excess energy, generating a better balance on many levels. Strengthens bones, hair, nails, skin & teeth. Be aware power develops slowly with Onyx, getting stronger with contact & time, making it a very strong piece for personal power Healing Properties: Treating skin ailments, healing infected wounds as well as fungal infections, inflammation and burns. Polarity balancing. Heal wounds, treating eye and ear problems, cellular regeneration.


“For my speech hath in it the power to protect, and it possesseth life. I am Isis the goddess, and I am the lady of words of power. Isis, the goddess and great enchantress at the head of the gods Heaven was satisfied with the words of the goddess Isis. The great lady, the God-mother, giver of life. The divine one, the only one, the greatest of the gods and goddesses, the queen of all gods, the female Ra, the female Horus, the eye of Ra Lady of the New Year, maker of the sunrise, Lady of heaven, the light-giver of heaven. Queen of the earth, most mighty one, lady of warmth and fire, the God-mother. The lady of life, lady of green crops, lady of bread, lady of abundance, lady of joy and gladness, lady of love, the maker of kings, the beautiful goddess, the lady of words of power. Wife of the lord of the abyss. Let the blood of Isis, and the magical spirits of Isis and the words of power of Isis, be mighty to protect and keep safely this great god.”

The Divine Mother Collection

Phoenix Fyr Enhancers 
Phoenix Wing Collection